Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dynamite Dinosaurs

Did you know that Thanksgiving Point is home to the Largest Dinosaur Museum in the World? At least, that’s what the billboard says. So, in an effort to break up the monotony of daily life, Easton and I decided to jump in the car on Saturday and make some new prehistoric friends.

I was pretty pumped to see all of the huge dinosaur bones, but Easton was so fascinated by the posters about dirt and tectonic plates and the separation of Pangaea that I could hardly drag him away. I had to impatiently tap my foot for at least thirty minutes before he was finally willing to move on.

Dinosaur Museum 01

The museum was huge! And I was totally fascinated by all of the exhibits. Sometimes I find it hard to believe that creatures as huge as dinosaurs actually lived on the very same planet that we live on today.

Dinosaur Museum 02 Dinosaur Museum 03

Do you see a resemblance here?
Dinosaur Museum 04

Dancing with Dino.
Dinosaur Museum 05

Dinosaur Museum 06 Dinosaur Museum 07

Watching the 3D “Dinosaur Giants of Patagonia” movie.
Dinosaur Museum 08

Dinosaur Museum 09 Dinosaur Museum 10

Megalodon. I was beyond terrified by the description of this shark.
Dinosaur Museum 11

Yes, Easton and I are technically adults. But that didn’t stop us from running around taking pictures of ourselves pretending to be eaten by dinosaurs and climbing into exhibits that were supposedly off-limits, all while simultaneously eating blow pops that had previously doubled as walrus tusks.

Other people at the museum may have scoffed at us…but we thought we were absolutely hilarious.