Saturday, June 14, 2008

Little Sahara...Round Two

Last weekend we decided to venture out to Little Sahara for our second camping trip of the summer. Our last visit to Little Sahara was SO fun...even though we forgot almost every important camping necessity and were forced to improvise. Keeping in mind our previous camping blunders, we double checked everything before we left and made sure we were fully prepared. Well...apparently we are the butt of a really bad joke, because little issues like forgetting flashlights and firewood seemed insignificant compared to the events of our latest camping adventure.

The evening began ordinarily enough...we arrived at Little Sahara and went out on the four wheelers before the sun went down. We saw the most amazing sunset out on the dunes! This picture can't possibly do it justice.

Camping 01

We had our usual bonfire with marshmallows and hot dogs, and the boys had really outdone themselves with all the amazing food they brought. Jeremy whipped up some of his delicious scalloped potatoes and we ate enough food to make ourselves sick. Ben entertained us with his "Wilbur the Worm" performance (you should definitely ask to hear this one if you haven't been fortunate enough), and even though it was unbelievably freezing I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard.

By the time we went to bed the weather was looking a little questionable, so Easton and TR put their cabana over the trailer as a last minute precaution.

Camping 02

It turned out that Easton and TR were even more clever than we realized, because a storm rolled in sometime during the night and we were all forced to huddle underneath the leaky cabana all night. It was SO cold, and I was just waiting for the crazy wind to blow over our measly little sanctuary and leave us to be soaked by the buckets of frigid water that were being dumped on us. The rain finally stopped sometime the next morning, but I felt like I would never be warm again. Do we look happy to you?

Camping 03

When we ultimately emerged to inspect the damage from the storm, we discovered that we had been robbed during the night! Yep, some sleazy buggers had snuck into our camp in the pouring rain and made off with our coolers. Jeremy tracked down the coolers somewhere along the road but most of our food was gone. The dirty thieves even stole TR's wind-up lantern, but ended up dumping it once they discovered that it doesn't really work very well and is basically worthless. Have you ever heard of such picky bandits? Fortunately Easton still managed to make his famous breakfast for us. Camping wouldn't be the same without it!

Camping 04

Here's a picture of Ben taking out his anger about the robbery on a big piece of wood. He probably chopped at that thing for thirty minutes straight. Camping 05 Yep, he was pretty mad. Remind me to never steal from Ben.