Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Verdict Is In

After a lot of flip-flopping between the pros and cons of Pepperdine and the University of San Diego, I have finally decided that I’m going to start grad school at USD in the fall. A couple weeks ago I took a trip down to So. Cal to visit Pepperdine in the hopes that I would get a feel for which program is right for me, and although Pepperdine was extremely tempting (translation: I had a difficult time passing up a school that is right on the beach in Malibu), USD’s benefits ultimately surpassed Pepperdine’s. Although both schools undoubtedly offer amazing programs, USD is nationally accredited, allows flexibility with class choices and schedules, and offers study abroad opportunities. I just couldn’t deny such substantial benefits, and USD consequently seems to be a better fit for me personally…but I’m still lamenting the loss of Pepperdine’s incredible campus.

Although my trip to San Diego was brief, I was grateful for the chance to spend a little time with the fam. The weather was absolutely gorgeous (big shocker) and we made sure to take advantage of the sunshine.

Courtney and I hit up a sunset at Ponto one evening, and I was vividly reminded of how lucky I am to have spent my whole life right next to the beach. The sand, the waves, the sunshine, and the salty air always manage to lull me into some kind of euphoria.

SanDiego 01

SanDiego 02

We also spent a sunny Saturday in Encinitas doing a few things that were reminiscent of good old high school days. Talk about a blast from the past! We started our day with breakfast at the Potato Shack (oh American fries, why do you have to be so delicious and fattening?)

SanDiego 03

SanDiego 04

After breakfast, we walked around our favorite stores and surf shops until our food had digested enough to make room for slurpees and Funyuns from the 7-11 on D Street. It has been way too long since I have indulged in this little pleasure.

SanDiego 05

We also made it to the Seaside Bazaar, which is always a fun place to find unique and homemade little treasures. The economy has clearly taken a toll on everyone, because one sales guy actually chased me around the bazaar with a messenger bag I had momentarily considered buying. He kept offering to give me a special deal on the bag, and for a moment I couldn’t actually figure out whether I was in Encinitas or Tijuana.

Courtney bought me this darling hat from a little stand at the bazaar, along with an adorable purple one for herself:SanDiego 06 Cute, eh?

I guess it won’t be too long before I’ll be back down in the San Diego sunshine for good! I can’t believe how many changes are taking place in my life right now. I won’t deny that I’m a little apprehensive…I’ve always been the type of person who likes security and consistency. I am NOT looking forward to racking up a load of debt from grad school, and I’m kinda nervous about packing up my whole life and starting a brand new chapter. But I guess the flip-side of fear is excitement, and I am thrilled to make a fresh start towards improving my life and making a better future for myself. And while we’re on the topic of personal enrichment…being back in beach country won’t be the worst thing in the world either.