Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What Happens in Vegas…

…stays in Vegas. But I must admit, my recent trip to Las Vegas didn’t include a single scandalous or sordid event that would need to be locked away in a secret vault in Vegas. In fact…I think the population of Las Vegas was probably bored to tears by our mellow group.

I have been SO stressed out lately and I was in desperate need of a relaxing getaway. My friend Tom offered up the perfect excuse to escape town for a few days by suggesting we all meet in Vegas, and I was pretty quick to jump on the bandwagon.

Our weekend consisted of a few distinct elements:

We hung out by the pool…
Vegas 01Vegas 02

...tackled some roller coasters…
Vegas 03Vegas 04

...ate A LOT of food…
Vegas 05

Vegas 06Vegas 07

Vegas 08

Vegas 09Vegas 10

...and were driven around all weekend by our chauffeur, Justin, who is from New York and is therefore accustomed to crazy driving conditions.
Vegas 11 Vegas 12

Overall, our quick Vegas jaunt was incredibly low-key and restful, which was just what the doctor ordered. When the weekend came to an end and we began our drive back to Utah, I started to feel a little blue about the fact that I was heading straight back to all the stress and anxiety of daily life. We drove into a patch of gloomy rain, which added to my melancholy mood even more…until we emerged from the rainstorm into the bright sunshine and saw the most beautiful rainbow.

This definitely made me smile…
Vegas 13

I’d like to think that the rainbow was a little sign that life will work itself out and everything will be just fine. Or maybe it was just a kick in the butt to remind me that I am so unbelievably blessed and shouldn’t be complaining about the challenges that tend to stress me out. Or maybe it was none of those things at all, and I was just searching for some special meaning in a simple rainbow.

Either way, I hope I never stop being grateful for my amazing life. The world is wide open to me right now! How lucky am I?


Courtney said...

The world IS wide open to you right now, and I am so excited to see what it holds for you. Beautiful girl!

I'm still so sad that I couldn't be there with you guys in Vegas, but I'm definitely looking forward to playing with you there in a few weeks!!

Sam and James said...

It's good to have great friends to go on little trip with ... I haven't been to Vegas for years.Looks like you had a fun time and could chill ... I like the bit about not having to drive.
Next time you need to escape bring Court and come and stay with us.

Angela Frasure said...

Looks like you had so much fun! You are so cute. Hey your comment made me laugh; my friend Keri was being a bit facetious because we actually got chewed out in Hawaii for depriving our children of their vitamin D by covering them up with swim shirts. Can you believe that? We've been laughing about our abusive methods ever since!