Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Interstate Love Song

A few weeks ago I had a date with Scott Weiland. After seventeen years as the front man for two of the greatest bands of all time…Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver…Scott decided to take a break from the fame and glory to come visit his number one fan and true love. Yes, I’m referring to ME. Don’t think I haven’t noticed the way he has stared earnestly into my eyes from the stage during the plethora of concerts I have attended over the years. Some people have tried to convince me that Scott’s intense gaze has merely been the result of my insane, somewhat fanatical behavior at his shows…but I know the truth. That’s right, Scott loves me…and he came all the way to Salt Lake just to do a little singing for yours truly.

Okay fine, I may have exaggerated a little bit. It is possible that my recent encounter with Scott was less of a meeting between two enamored people in love, and more of a meeting between rock star and stalker. You say potato, I say potahto.

Anyway, the Scott Weiland concert did not disappoint. I have been following Scott’s career ever since he first emerged with Stone Temple Pilots when I was in junior high. As a matter of fact, I purchased STP’s first album on cassette tape…THAT is how long I have loved Scott Weiland.

This picture was taken right after Scott came onstage!
I think my enormous grin speaks for itself.
Scott Weiland Concert 01

The stage was rigged with a huge dry ice machine, and during a really long jam of “Sour Girl” the band played their instruments while simultaneously rolling around in the haze.

Scott Weiland Concert 02Scott Weiland Concert 03

Scott Weiland Concert 04

At one point during the concert, the lead guitarist walked along the stage with his guitar held out for the crowd to touch. Easton snapped a picture of me touching the guitar and acting like the frenzied groupie that I am.

Hey Court, does the sticker on this guitar look familiar to you?
Scott Weiland Concert 05

Scott Weiland Concert 06 Scott Weiland Concert 07

After two hours of incredible music along with the obligatory encore, Scott and the band said good night and walked offstage…but not before the bass player threw his guitar pick into the crowd and hit me in the head with it! Luckily, Easton is an extremely observant and sprightly boyfriend who managed to snatch up the offending pick before anyone else could grab it.

Yep, this bad boy pelted me right in the forehead.
Scott Weiland Loot 01

I also yelled at one of the roadies (while bouncing up and down for emphasis) until he agreed to peel a set list off of the stage floor for me. The particular set list I ended up with was stationed directly in front of Scott’s microphone, which means that I am the lucky owner of a set list covered in Scott Weiland’s footprints!

To top off an already incredible evening, we waited around after the show to see if we could track down Scott…and our stalkerish ways paid off! We managed to bombard him on the way to his tour bus…and OH HAPPY DAY…Scott Weiland autographed my favorite STP album booklet and let me take a picture with him!

Here I am with the man himself…who has most certainly changed quite a bit since his sexy heartthrob days on MTV’s unplugged.
Scott Weiland Concert 08 Despite my sneaking suspicion that he possibly dabbles in illegal substances…Scott Weiland still rocks my world.

Easton and Justin jumped in on the action as well.
Scott Weiland Concert 09

Overall, our night with Scott Weiland was an absolute blast! The experience was also fairly lucrative, considering that I walked away with a set list (AND a collection of Scott’s footprints), a guitar pick, a signed CD booklet, and the long-lasting memory of getting up close and personal with Scott Weiland.

Here I am with all my loot from the show:
Scott Weiland Loot 02

I really don’t think I will ever get sick of going to concerts. One day I will probably become one of those old ladies who rock out at concerts while all the young folk stare mockingly. And when that day comes, I have no doubt that I will still love every minute of it.


Emily said...

i <3 your dedication and your inner fan girl! i'd do the same thing for Bon Jovi!

Courtney said...

Okay, I can't believe he had that bumper sticker on his guitar!!!! I don't know whether to be excited or annoyed!!

And Blythe, you are so absolutely adorable. Please, don't ever change. :o)

Oh, and if you need somebody to go to concerts with you when you're 65, just gimme a call, and I'll be right there with you.

P.S. I still think you need to post that video from the Chris Cornell know the one I'm talking about. He, he.

Sam and James said...

I love the way Easton is cool with your other boyfirend ... the only question that remains is does Scott know? said...

I have no doubt that you will be one of those weird old people that shows up to rock concerts shoving your way to the front jumping up and down like a schoolgirl... and i love it! You are so much fun babe!

KellySummer said...

I'm pretty sure this is the same post, just with the names changed, as the Chris Cornell post...

Blythe said...

Well Kelly...I don't see any similarities except that I love Chris AND Scott...and I acted like a crazy obsessed fan at both concerts.

I didn't get to meet Chris or get an autograph...I didn't even TRY to pretend that Chris was in love with me (even though it would be preferable)...I'm pretty sure I didn't get pelted with a guitar pick at the Chris concert, although the crowds are pretty wild and I guess you never know.

Perhaps you just don't appreciate the intricacies of these amazing shows. :)

Sam and James said...

I got it wrong, he is your ... other, other boy friend.